He Who Gives To The “POOR” Will LACK NOTHING, But He Who Closed His Eyes To The ‘POOR” Will Receive Many CURSES. (Proverbs 28:27).

For It’s In GIVING That we RECEIVE..

 Gabriel Chinedu UFOMBA, the Chairman for GABRICH Group, has great respect for humankind and for what is right and just for the Nigerian people. He is determined to help the less privileged to enjoy the best economy in Nigeria. He intends to bring Justice, Fairness, Equality, Prosperity and Freedom of speech to the lee privileged people in Nigeria.

GABRICH Foundation was established by Gabriel Chinedu UFOMBA, a self-motivated man from Amaekpu Isiahia, Isiala Ngwa North Local Government Area, In Abia State- Nigeria with the passion to make life easier for the LESS PRIVILEGED.

Declaration from Gabriel Chinedu UFOMBA;

“I am a straightforward man of little beginning who has enjoyed the act of kindness and grace of God”.

“My growth experience has shown that irrespective of setbacks, color, low background, location or education, you can still achieve your visions and goals in life if you persist. All we need is DETERMINATION.

“However, he who want to be prosperous, must genuinely have interest of his fellow mankind, be ready to go the extra mile to make the next person happy in believing that he can be what God created him to be”.

“My heart pants consistently for the DISADVANTAGED persons. And i cannot turn my eyes away from the LESS PRIVILEGED “.  I’m still striving to make success through journey that appeared endless and tough.

The service to God’s love can only be practice through “Self Service “to humanity, irrespective of race and color”. Our lives can only be meaningful if we learn to share our resources with others; resources may not only be MONEY. At times, it could be meaningful and positive advice, well wishes and extending a half glass of water which is something much valuable than money.  

I have observed many ordained priests preach about “TITHE” giving in the church.  I grew with continual observation of this principle, were Christians give their “TITHES” to their various churches”. As I further my research, it appeared that many of these priesthoods who ring bells daily about “TITHE” giving; are getting richer every day, while their congregations that is giving the “TITHES” are getting poorer every day in the same church they are preaching that giving your “TITHERS” to the church brings prosperity”. I am not satisfied with this. Then i vowed to reach out a helping hand to the LESS PRIVILEGED with the use of One tenth of “MY EARNINGS” to support the LESS PRIVILEGED, formerly taken to church as “TITHE”.  My desire and passion to help others made me to established GABRICH Foundation for humanitarian services.

I am NOT against Christians giving TITHES in their Churches; but I am against the misused of such “TITHES” offered to God in Churches, for the Scripture says, if we use our material blessings wisely, WE WILL BE REWARDED”. I am NOT against Churches with great Edifice built with “TITHES and OFFERINGS”, but I am NOT comfortable seeing poor and hungry people still putting monies as TITHES in the same church that doesn’t give them a better future.  And I tell you the TRUTH, whatever you did not do for one of the least of these (THE POOR); you did not do for me (Mathew 25: 45).

I am NOT against the preaching of the gospel of (Malachi 3:10) scripture that is drummed repeatedly into the ears of Christians every day saying; “‘Bring all the TITHES into the storehouse, that there may be food in my house, and try me now in this,’ says the LORD of hosts, ‘If I will not open for you the windows of heaven and pour out for you such blessing that there will not be room enough to receive it.  I am very much interested to know if those TITHES are being use prudently in the kingdom of God, to the Glory of God”. 

I don’t care about your opinion of me now, because your opinion of me, DOES NOT DEFINE WHO I AM. One thing you cannot deny is that “God does not eat TITHES money. You can decide to give your TITHES to God by giving to your Church, NO Problem but I have decided to use MY TITHES to help the less privileged persons.  If you think what I’m doing is WRONG, and if God doesn’t like my initiative. Let GOD be the one to tell me…. NOT YOU. My perception for good things made me to WORK HARD, but my main reason for desiring for wealth is to HAVE SO THAT I CAN GIVE”.

Thank You.

Mr. UFOMBA, Gabriel Chinedu,

Chairman, GABRICH Group

We are inviting the world, organizations and likeminded individuals to support our humanitarian services to take care of all the children around the world for special needs, disabled and orphaned. We also aim to support development of rural communities in Nigeria.




 If you wish to be a part of our humanitarian SERVICES; please contact us at;

All your supports are subject to inspection and providing evidence for successful delivery.

Humanitarian Projects

In these difficult economic times, helping those in need, especially the orphans, disability persons, widows and old-aged person is very important. GABRICH Foundation Humanitarian Projects focus to reach the less fortune in its charitable and philanthropic efforts. The vast majority of Nigeria people are poor and impoverished and in desperate need of support systems.

We are willing and ready to work with governmental and other non – governmental organizations to improve the living standards of disadvantaged members of society. “GABRICH Foundation” aims is to carry out a wide range of projects, that are designed to promote self – sufficiency within rural communities in the various provinces of Nigeria and across the nations.

* Non-Productive Assistance: This includes the provision of basic necessities such as health clinics, electricity, schools, and clean water sources etc.

* Productive Assistance: This provides funds that will help to stimulate economic life in rural areas. 

GABRICH Foundation humanitarian Project is a private and non-profit organization. We finance our projects, and also contribute our personal funds to the Charities under the patronage of GABRICH Group.

In our projects, we rely on the goodwill of volunteers throughout the world. Most of the volunteers that works and will work on our projects are community leaders and village representatives. Their knowledge of the locality and its inhabitants ensures the smooth running of our projects.

Despite downturns in the economic situation, we will continue to give generously in activities and financial donation for some of the following:

  • Up coming schools’ scholarship, opportunities for children who wish to continue their education is almost impossible due to financial constraints.
  • Public Welfare for needy, Widows, Orphans and Old-aged parents who cannot work to feed themselves.
  • Treatment for the blind persons.
  • Infrastructure developments of rural communities in Nigeria