Gabrich Foundation

   GABRICH Foundation aims to do good to the Less-Privileged, Orphans, Disabled People, and Old-Aged People who cannot work to feed themselves globally; with the drive to use 10% of our incomes in impacting society and as our business benefits another. Our corporate foundation also provides a structure through which we can positively address pressing social and environmental issues in a way that creates maximum value for society and our business.

GABRICH Foundation Structure for Impact helps our businesses to realize ever greater impact through our corporate giving. Our strategic know-how, established governance, and giving infrastructure to flexibly support our corporate foundation to inspire our stakeholders, materialize our purpose and drive measurable positive impact in our host communities across Nigeria and internationally.

As the Founder of GABRICH Group,

 I respect anyone who can heal a heart he didn’t break and raise a child he didn’t make. My heart pants consistently for less-privileged and disabled persons. And I cannot turn my eyes and feelings away from the less-privileged, orphans, disabled people, and old-aged parents “.

My desire for luxury pushed me to keep on working hard, but my purpose for desiring wealth is to have it so that I can share my wealth with disadvantaged people struggling out there to make a living.

The service to God’s love can only be practiced through “Service-To- Humanity”, irrespective of race and color. Our lives will be meaningful if we learn to share our resources with others; resources may not only be money. At times, it could  

  be meaningful if we learn to share our resources with others; resources may not only be money. At times, it could be meaningful words of encouragement or well wishes, and extending a piece of advice could mean much more valuable than money for many people out there, suffering from depression, hopelessness, and unhappiness.

At GABRICH Group; we intend to use 10% of our income to provide development opportunities for Orphans, Disabled people, and Less-Privileged and Old-Aged people.

We have positioned our corporate giving and our drive to do good for disadvantaged persons. Our customers and clients are extremely happy with us for what we are giving back to society.

We thank God for our journey so far, we can now make our declaration bold and brief; “we are committing 10% of our profits and income to help improve the livelihood of those in need in Nigeria and the world at large”.