About us



The first GABRICH Group known as– GABRICH Global Services Limited (GGSL) started in July 2008 intending to develop, facilitate, and implement seamless and sustainable business processes between oil producers, oil marketers, and oil traders, first in Nigeria and then worldwide.

The Founder & CEO of GABRICH- Gabriel Chinedu UFOMBA has professional certification in Quality, Health, Security, Safety, and Environment, (QHSSE) respectively. Sharing a vision and a desire to play an active role in the development of Nigeria’s growing petroleum industry, He harnessed these diverse skills to offer insightful facilitating and consulting services to companies that traded in crude oil and refined petroleum products.

He has worked at both National and International locations and resigned from the biggest Multinational Gas Pipeline Project known as The West African Gas Pipeline Project (WAGP). The purpose of the project was to build a Natural Gas Pipeline to supply gas from Nigeria’s Escravos region of the Niger Delta area to the Republic of Benin, Togo Republic and Ghana. It is the first regional natural gas transmission system in sub-Saharan Africa. The project partner Companies are:

Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation,
Royal Dutch Shell,
Volta River Authority,
Société Togolaise de Gaz,
Société Beninoise de Gaz.

Gabriel Chinedu UFOMBA finally resigned to manage GABRICH Global Services Ltd as his first incorporated company.

Over the last 16 years plus, GABRICH Group has become well established in the Oil and Gas industry and has built a reputation around the world for excellent service delivery and professionalism.

The Group, in addition to major achievements in the Oil and Gas sector, now has operations in Oil trading, Real Estate, Transportation and International Trade Finance and expanding to Waste To Energy Refining, Automobiles, and Agribusiness (Poultry Farm & Garri Processing), with operations offices in Port Harcourt, Rivers State Nigeria.

“If we were motivated by MONEY, we would have sold the company a long time ago. . . COMMITMENT TO GROWTH TRANSFORMS OUR BUSINESS”.

The Founder & CEO of GABRICH Group, Gabriel Chinedu UFOMBA started with a DREAM from its beginnings in Port Harcourt, Rivers State Nigeria, and grew the company into a globally recognized organization with international Representatives.

We are unapologetically committed to creating classified and mind-blowing businesses that will change the reputation of Nigeria and the way people think about Nigerians, by positioning our company products and services as “Top-Notch” in the history of the world.

We are working hard to create the business empire we want; being braver than our fears.

At GABRICH Group; we don’t drill cheap wells down to a 100m surface in people’s backyards or the community grounds to enable achievement of success at low cost. GABRICH Group is DIGGING the world’s deepest hole to tap an inexhaustible success on Earth. This is something RARE that real drillers have never delivered.

GABRICH’s growth from July 2008 establishment from DREAM To REALITY, from one (1) year to sixteen (16) years of operations, from ONE (1) Company to Group of companies.

We are not general contractors. . . We redefined our global services by choosing our services.
We don’t do every company’s kind of TRADES, we are GABRICH Group. We don’t feel there is anything we can’t do if we want to, but we are far from letting our industrialization determine our path.
We have gone far walking on the seashells of our dreams. “It’s too late to give up”. When COAL came into the picture, it took about 50 or 60 years to DISPLACE TIMBER. Then CRUDE OIL was found, and it took 60 to 70 years, and then NATURAL GAS.

It takes 16 years or more for a breakthrough in crude oil trade to become the DOMINANT SOURCE. We are not GIVING UP, Great things take time.

Exploring Global Opportunities Is Our Everyday Duty. . . We Go Global,