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    GABRICH Royal Homes Limited was incorporated in Nigeria on the 17th of August 2021 with the Registrar-General of Corporate Affairs Commission under the Companies and Allied Matters Act 2020, as a Private Company Limited by shares with Registration No. 1829090 and Tax Identification No. 23992547-0001.

Our approach to houses IS NOT a build-and-sale luxury home type of marketing tactic but in developing a GO-TO-RENT ROYAL HOMES arrangement that creates strong demand, a competitive luxury environment, and a continuous tenant demand. Our approach to housing needs IS NOT a ‘BUILD AND SALE’ luxury home-type of marketing strategy but to develop a GO-TO-RENT ACCOMMODATION with a royalty palate that creates strong demand, competitive luxury, serene environment, and a continuous tenants’ demand.

We aim to deliver competitive luxury commercial and family villas that create communities for our valued occupants in Nigeria with the best flexible renting payment compromise from One Month To Six months; and up to One-year rental payment plans. Once more, Our Tenant Fees Start from One Month to Six Months or One Year Rent Payment Plan. NO HIDDEN CHARGES OTHERWISE CALLED “Landlord Drinking Fees” or ‘Agents Commission’

This is the level of care we aim to bestow to our tenants within Nigeria. We are creating a Master Community Development commercial and Family Estates ranging from 500 Luxurious Family Houses to 200 Luxury Lodges that offer Ultra-Premium gated residential communities of luxurious villas; spreading all over major cities in Nigeria.
This is the “PAY AS YOU GO” House Renting system of meeting costs as they arise.

Our Objective: GABRICH ROYAL HOMES functions as the development of luxury community villas for an average family in Nigeria for rent pay for an apartment while maintaining value for money. Its main objectives are:

Acquire Landed property, DESIGN and BUILD a variety of residential luxury Homes in Nigeria and across various locations in Africa based on the best standard and excellent houses for renting; relating to various operations of real estate business including acquiring of lands, architectural designs, building construction, renting and marketing.
Promoting the use of local building materials in Nigerian house construction through the use of locally produced high-quality fabrications, bricks and block molding, Roofing Sheets, Paints, cement, high-quality sand gravel, nails, tiles, etc

To progress in the real estate and construction industry and its various allied operations which include the importation of building materials not available in Nigeria for real estate developers, builders, and marketing operators.

To develop affordable luxury houses for an average household in Nigeria to rent and live like a royal while maintaining standards and value for money.

To handle tenant’s details and data, provide 24/7hrs electricity, waste management, and strong access control system for all our tenants.

To satisfy the economic need of an individual which can either be accommodation, low income, or otherwise aimed at providing profit to tenants, especially in the private sector whose aim is to get financial savings from their professions as the case may be.

To provide average individuals with opportunities to be independent from others by providing various accommodation opportunities for these individuals with needs for social status and prestige which implies that property must be luxury to match their royal lifestyle purpose.

It will provide young entrepreneurs the opportunity to meet their business status expectations.

House Renting: Renting or leasing a house requires expertise, research, and planning. Our team is ready to work with you on inspection and educate you on the amenities that add value to our homes. We have the expertise to find prospective tenants that provide the best and highest use for the long-term of the asset. Additionally, we know the importance of the tenant mix at a property and, to maximize consumer traffic, we consider how retailers will synergize with other tenants at that location.

Whether you are seeking to rent a home for a monthly payment, six-month payment, OR annual payment house considering the economic situation of our nation-states, GABRICH Royal Homes Limited ensures that you secure the most suitable, high-quality, and affordable house for you and your family or your business needs—with payment plans that enable you to ACHIEVE MORE, SAVE MORE and ENJOY ROYALS WAYS OF LIVING.
We help you to achieve your money budget, answer your questions, and ensure that you get the most competitive payment arrangement available.

Landlord/Owner Dissimilarity: GABRICH Royal Homes offers tailored and integrated Royal Community Villas with first-class facilities in all our properties for occupants. Through a combination of deep industry knowledge, market expertise, and a hands-on approach to management, we DESIGN and BUILD royal houses with the best flexible renting payment compromise for One Month To -Six months –And Up One-year rental payment plans to accommodate every tenant’s needs.

We recognize that each tenant comes with his/her own unique set of demands with challenges of low income and other economic issues, we therefore provide house renting flexible payment plans and pricing that other Landlords and homeowners CANNOT offer, bringing more value to our service.

Our Vision Is To offer the best quality luxury houses for tenants to live like royals in their rented apartments, without compromising the best standards to make it affordable to even ordinary persons and families in Nigeria.
We DESIGN, BUILD, and RENT luxury houses in surrounding towns and states under our ‘Royal Luxury Villas’. Our Houses will be marketed in different newspapers, property magazines, Radio and Television Stations and our company website. Our committed team of qualified Estate valuers and trained negotiators will ensure you achieve the very best price for your house rent.

GABRICH Royal Homes Limited is a privately owned independent company set with high standards, and good Landlord and tenant relationship Management.

We have extensive local knowledge of house renting, enabling us to offer affordable and flexible house renting payment plans with good prices that are affordable to the average person and families to boost their reputation.
Our Competitive rent price fully excludes agents’ commissions or Landlord drinks fees. This is unconditionally speaking directly with the property owner without any form of third-party agent payment.

We work hard to provide the best quality housing for families. Our wide range of letting services has been carefully created to ensure that you are provided with complete assistance and support. In Nigeria, real estate is a serious business. It is one of those industries that have a long-standing history in Nigeria. The enterprise has evolved into a gold crater over the years, many smart businessmen have dabbled in it, and they are making a lot of profit from it. There is a constant demand for residential lodgings, office facilities, and commercial outlets. The search to either buy or rent buildings and structures of your preference could prove to be an extraordinary task, and so sometimes, you would need the services of a real estate expert.
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