Garri Processing

GABRICH AgriBusiness Services Limited is setting up high technology Cassava flour manufacturing factory, (a.k.a) Garri processing factory in Nigeria. The capacity of the production line is to process a minimum of 4tons cassava per hour Garri grater and fryer.

GABRICH AgriBusiness Services Limited, the subsidiary company of GABRICH Group, general business is activities is the processing of Garri/Cassava, potato/sweet potato processing, yam flour processing ,and fufu flour processing in Nigeria

The flows of Garri processing sections consist of cleaning, washing, peeling, grinding, frying and sieving. Different Machines are used in different stages are as the pic shows.

We can use the cassava machinery for processing cassava flour, cassava garri, attieke, fufu flour etc. The Cassava business is a profitable and promising business. Local farmers in Nigeria mainly plant cassava for household consumption and small-scale cultivation. While due to the high demand in the market, many farmers are planting them at commercial scale and are getting involved into cassava processing business, which requires low investment but can generate more profits. For example, high quality cassava flour can be used to make bread, biscuits, beer or used as ingredients in food production filed. It has a large market in our daily life.

GABRICH AgriBusiness Services Limited will be making profits by processing high added value cassava products. The cassava processing set plant (includes cassava peeling and washing machine, cassava grater, cassava presser, Garri frying machine, Garri shaker).
We are seeking cooperation with Henan Jinrui Food Engineering Co., Ltd, the subsidiary company of Doing Holdings Co., LTD, to develop a garri processing/production line with a minimum daily output of 4 tons, with many advantages that contributed to the success of this cooperation.

Nigeria has a food shortage and a large market, and the founder of GABRICH Group realized that investing in garri processing should be a good project, so he sent an inquiry to DOING, hoping that they could provide him with a suitable solution. Considering the specific needs of Nigerian customers, the manufacturer will recommended the garri production line. We are negotiating to order a fully automatic garri production line with a daily output of 4 tons fresh cassava tubers per hour.

The procurement, construction and Installation of the production lines will commence and completed in 2025 and ready for testing and commissioning when water, electricity and raw cassava tubers are ready.

The founder of GABRICH Group will be visiting the equipment manufacturing production base in China, to confirm the equipment list, discussed the layout design, and finally reached the cooperation agreement.

Local Technicians will be recommended and sent to support the installation of the cassava /garri project equipment. All related drawings for equipment layout, foundation, platform, pipe networks, etc will be provided to us and local technicians to help the successful installation. Besides, to avoid the unnecessary problems appearing in the installation which may influence the normal operation of cassava/garri production line, we seek a manufacturer that will offer our team with online guidance, training and video call at the same time.