Chief UFOMBA, Gabriel Chinedu, THE MAN THEY CALL GABRICH . . . Growing Beyond All Boundaries.

As I reflect on the growth of the company from its inception, I am proud of what we have accomplished and even more excited about future prospect and many opportunities ahead.

Someone once asked me, Mr. Gabrich, you seem to have double layers that you replaced after each downfall that keeps you going considering all that you have been through? … I smiled and said to him, WILL-POWER and HARDWORKS is the only ritual that ignites me AGAIN and AGAIN to keep on trying even in the middle of Deep Ocean were I see no means of continue existence.

My exceptional dedication and ambition of achieving something as a young entrepreneur is unquenchable, despite all rises and falls experiences in the success of the company.

We as a company are determined to render better quality services than is expected of us, no matter what the task maybe, which is one of our strategies. And I am confident about the future of GABRICH Global Services Limited.

Our vision is to acquire global knowledge in delivering the most effective solution in any business we do, and be recognized amongst the entrepreneurs, Industry Leaders and CEOs in the area of our products and services, and to give our clients the competitive edge by providing world-class standards, utilizing the latest technologies and advance techniques available.

Our goals can only be reached through a vehicle of strategies, determination and honesty in which we fervently believed in, and upon which we vigorously act upon. There is no other better route to success than this.

We will always work in partnership with our business partners, communities, governments, reputable organizations and the general public at large to create a stable and prosperous society for everyone in Nigeria and the world at large; while ensuring that the environment is unharmed and protected as our commitment to safety, and operational excellence.

It is our beliefs that “Every reasonable Business objective is achieved through UPRIGHTNESS and HARDWORKS.

Please take your time to read the information contained in our website: , which highlights professional services we undertake from all sectors of the society and the world at large. I am sure you will find it informative and interesting.

We will continue to contribute to the economy of Nigeria by creating employment based added valued and turn our ambitions into reality through concrete actions.