GABRICH Cabs Services Limited was incorporated in Nigeria on July 6th 2021 with the Registrar- General of Corporate Affairs Commission under the Companies and Allied Matters Act 2020, as a Private Company Limited by shares with Registration No. 1815026 and Tax Identification No. 23961967-0001

  GABRICH Cabs Services Limited is GABRICH Group of companies; established to render Car Hire Purchase services for Uber and Bolt (Taxify) Business in Nigeria.

  As you know, public transport in Nigeria is beginning to change. The public transport we are mostly familiar with usually involves boarding a cab or a bus, waiting for other passengers to fill up the vehicle (if you’re lucky, you’re the last passenger to get in the vehicle), the vehicle then heads for your destination. Once again, you’re lucky if your destination is by the side of the main road. Otherwise, you would have some trekking to do.

  Today, however, ride-sharing businesses like Uber, Bolt (Taxify) and many others have REDEFINED the way people get around. All you have to do now is to open an app, order a cab like you would order a shirt from an online store, the cab meets you wherever you are and takes you to your final destination. And surprisingly, these businesses are quickly becoming more popular by the day because of the things they have to offer; comfort and ease.

  It only makes sense that we are partnering with these drivers due to its lucrativeness to provide them with cars on hire purchase to register with Uber and Bolt companies (Taxify) Business. However, these companies have standard requirements for the cars they want; therefore GABRICH Cabs Services Limited makes sure that our cars meet their standard requirement. We offer clean, sound and air conditioned cars to Uber and Bolt drivers’ at very fast delivery with best prices.


  GABRICH Cabs Services Limited Hire purchase enables Uber and Bolt drivers to purchase new cars without compromising cash flow by staging the payments over a longer period; by paying us through a series of installments, to avoid the need to buy the car outright and reduce the impact of the investment on your business.

  The drivers will be responsible for the cars maintenance throughout the duration of the hire purchase contract; the fixed monthly payments help with budgeting and, at the end of the agreement, the driver have the benefit of retaining the car.

  As specialist cars based hire purchase financer, we have access to a large number of cars suitable for this business.

Drivers Requirements

  • Remember we mentioned Uber, Ocars, and Bolt Taxify Business earlier. Our cars are used on Uber and Bolt Taxify business only.
  • Our cars are not used as open commercial taxi and they are carefully selected to meet set standards of these companies before it is approved.
  • The driver would be permitted to take the car to any of the companies for inspection. Most of the requirements of all the companies are the same although some very few requirements are still quite unique to each ride-sharing company.

Bolt (Taxify) Vehicle and Driver Requirements

To complete your signup successfully, you will need to provide the necessary documents and meet the requirements below:


  • Hold a valid driver’s license
  • Nigeria National Identification Number (NIN) I. D Card or International Passport.
  • A reputable Guarantor with Nigeria National Identification Number (NIN),
  1. D Card or International Passport.


Benefits of GABRICH Cabs Services Limited Hire Purchase Cars

  • Rather than one big lump sum payment, you can spread the purchase cost, where you can pay over a minimum period of 2years flexible reimbursement terms to help fit in with your weekly-to-monthly financial plan.
  • Relatively low deposit required (ordinarily lower down 2% of the vehicle’s cost).
  • Fixed cost price so you know precisely what you’re paying each week and each month for the length of the term.
  • Once you’ve paid a large portion of the expense of the vehicle, you have the benefit to spread it and not need to make additional installments until it’s due.
  • As the hire purchaser/driver, you’ll own the car after paying the last installment which can make it a favorable alternative to a lease.
  • You will have immediate use of the item once the agreement has been signed off, rather than wait until you have saved enough.
  • Hire purchase with GABRICH CABS SERVICES LTD is a simple way of financing and normally easy to obtain.
  • The interest rate on hire purchases is fixed for the duration of the agreement.

List of Cars on Hire Purchase.

Black Color Toyota Corolla with License Plate Registration No: DEG 124 HA

Silver Color Toyota Corolla with License Plate Registration No: KTU 619 GX

Dark Grey Color Toyota Corolla with License Plate Registration No: RUM 568 PC

Dark Grey Color Mazda6 with License Plate Registration No: RUM 852 PC

Silver Color Toyota Corolla with License Plate Registration No: RUM 538 PC


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