Become A Channel Partner Or Investment Partner

   The GABRICH Group Channel Partner program was created for organizations with their own communities and partner groups. A channel partner is a company or incorporated organization that helps GABRICH Group find customers and clients, and optionally, maintain, other partners for GABRICH Group’s programs — Approved Facilitation Partner (AFP), Approved Trained and Certified Partner (ATCP), Funds Sourcing and Investment Partner, etc. — as part of the company’s regular business activities.

In a sense, the Channel Business Partner Program borrows its concept from the GABRICH Group’s traditional Standard Operating Procedure (SOPs), with value-added self-experience. In this analogy, the Channel Partner can be compared to a value-added product reseller, which can sign up many buyers for us. The main difference here is that instead of signing up with their product Buyers, GABRICH Group Channel Partners simply sign a sales and purchase agreement (SPA) on their company Letterhead, on behalf of GABRICH Group.

In the sense of an Approved Facilitation Partner (AFP), Approved Trained and Certified Partner (ATCP), Funds Sourcing and Investment Partner Program, as part of the company’s regular business activities, they undergo through our eLearning training program, get certified, and sign Non-Circumvention, Non-Disclosure Agreement (NCNDA) & International Master Fee Protection Agreement (IMFPA). They also borrow marketing or working concepts from the GABRICH Group’s traditional Standard Operating Procedure (SOPs), with value-added self-experience.

We are willing to partner with reputable companies, financial institutions, and individuals to explore more global opportunities. We invite you to join the GABRICH Group in our mission to GO GLOBAL.
There are immense investment and business opportunities in Nigeria and Africa at large. You can invest your money with us through Projects Funding, Money Lending, Borrowing, or Joint Venture Partnership Opportunities with GABRICH Group.

Most of our channel partners fit into one or more of the following categories:
• Organizations with their staff, groups of people, business networks, and partner groups
• Head offices of organizations with multiple independent or semi-independent subsidiaries
• Companies willing to find and maintain other GABRICH Group partners (from all other GABRICH Group Partner Programs but the Channel Partner Program itself—we can’t have nested or stacked Channel Partners)

You can expect some of the following benefits when you sign up as a channel partner:
• Opportunity/deal registration. (A registered opportunity is a named account for which a channel partner identifies and creates an opportunity.)
• Access to GABRICH Group partnership development training and certification to support the development of your channel.
• Use of the GABRICH Group certification, FCO branding, and other program brands.
• Discount on the retail prices of direct product resale.
• Commission on sales and purchases of partner’s buyers, and customers.
• Access to joint marketing procedures and offers.
• Opportunity for cooperative participation and promotions at GABRICH Group events.

For Investment Partners:
Forbes is looking for the World’s RICHEST People, but investors are looking for Competent and trustworthy entrepreneurs with a true commitment to influencing others through outstanding results. Become a GABRICH Group partner, accelerate your business, deliver more value, and build recurring profitable revenue.
At GABRICH GROUP; INTEGRITY Is Our Global CURRENCY….we are always available to manage your funds and make it work for you.

#Together We Are GABRICH Group Striving To Make A Difference.
Our Real INTEGRITY is in doing the right thing. To us, HONESTY is our sacrifice for achievement, and the bank of HONESTY can never go bankrupt . . .
#If It Is NOT RIGHT, “We Will Not Do It”,
#If It Is NOT TRUE, We Will Not Say It.
No legacy is as rich as HONESTY, And HONESTY is beyond telling the TRUTH.
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