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A GATEMAN /SECURITY GUARD IS NEEDED To  implement Security protocols such as visitor’s registrar and other forms of access control / gate opening for visitors and monitor premises to prevent theft, violence, or infractions of rules.

#Ability To Speak and Write Good English.

#2-3 Years experience in a reputable company in similar position.

#Age Between 20-35

#Must Provide National Identification Number and Bank Verification Number for background check.

#Must Provide a Guarantor.

Accommodation and Feeding Allowance.

Job Description:

1) Guards entrance gate and grounds and other property to control access to and from premesis: Opens gate to allow entrance or exit of employees, customers and authorized visitors.

2) Checks credentials or approved roster before admitting anyone.

3) Issues gate pass and Visitor I.D Card at own discretion or on instructions from superiors.

4) Directs visitors and customers to reception or Front desk.

5) Inspects outgoing visitors nd customers to prevent unauthorized removal of company property or products.

6) Record Entry Time, Date, Purpose for visiting, number of entering and leaving.

7) Perform maintenance duties, such as mowing lawns and sweeping surrenderings and gate areas.

8) Require permits from employees for tools or materials taken from company premises.

9) Supervise use of time clocks for recording arrival and departure of employees, Visitors and Customers.

10) Call Front Desk to inform Visitors, and Customers arrival and answer telephone and transfer calls. Communicate with Walkie Talkie – Digital Two Way Radios.

11) Implement COVID-19 Coronavirus Pandemic protocols for entrance to restrict non-compliance.

NOTE: Applicant MUST Make, residing In Port Harcourt.

TO APPLY, SEND YOUR CV TO: CV@gabrichgroup.com

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